Our Tour classics

There are many fabulous experiences to choose among in our region, but the following four sightseeing tours have become something of the “classics” of our region.

Helsingborg and Sofiero

A city tour around beautiful Helsingborg, where we pass through the little fishing village of Råå, once the largest in Sweden, and Ramlösa Brunnspark, the spa where for more than 200 years people went to “take the waters”.

At Kärnan, the castle keep that is the only part of Helsingborg Castle still standing, we enjoy a breathtaking view over the city and the Sound. The tour continues through the leafy Pålsjö woods and alongside the sea to the former summer residence of Swedish royalty, Sofiero Palace with its famous rhododendrons. The tour ends with a guided tour of the beautiful park.

Kulla Peninsula – Café Flickorna Lundgren

The tour takes us along the coast north of Helsingborg through picturesque fishing villages towards the Kulla Peninsula. We pass through Mölle, a famous resort around the end of the 19th century where the decadent lifestyle allowed men and women to swim together!

We visit the brightest lighthouse in northern Europe at the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. The guide takes us on a short walk along the cliffs, where we can also enjoy the spectacular view. From Kullaberg, the journey continues to Café Flickorna Lundgren where the delicacies waiting for us to sample include their justly famous Vanilla Heart biscuits (cookies).  As the last stop on this tour, we visit the lovely Brunnby Church, distinguished by its exquisite and very well-preserved medieval frescoes.

Båstad and the Bjäre peninsula

This tour takes us to the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula – the journey there alone is an experience! The gorgeous, rolling landscape welcomes us and we make our way to Båstad via the Italian Road. Our first stop is the new Birgit Nilsson Museum. The renowned opera singer’s childhood home in Svenstad has now opened its doors to visitors from all over the world.

From Svenstad, the tour continues to Märta Måås-Fjätterström, the world-famous weaving mill in the heart of Båstad. Textile works made here hang in private homes, museums and important institutions all over the world. The Hotel Skansen and the Båstad Tennis Arena, where the annual Swedish Open tournament is held, are only a couple of minutes away. We walk there for lunch or a cup of coffee. A visit to the Swedish Tennis Museum, which takes us on a fascinating journey through 120 years of Swedish tennis history, ends the tour.

Helsingor and three world-class attractions

Helsingør is home to the Royal Castle of Kronborg, one of three gilt-edged sights in Denmark, which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle is famous for its site of outstanding natural beauty, the largest banqueting hall in Scandinavia, the chapel, the Danish national hero Holger Danske in the dark casemates, and the castle’s role as the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which is staged every summer during the Shakespeare Festival.

Louisiana, Denmark’s world-famous museum of modern art, is only 9 km south of Helsingør. There is a large permanent collection of works by Danish and international artists, along with an extraordinary sculpture park with views over the Sound.

Karen Blixen – who wrote under the name Isak Dinesen – is one of Denmark’s best-known authors. Her works include Out of Africa. Blixen’s home Rungstedslund, 20 km south of Helsingør, is open to the public. See the exhibition and take a walk in the expansive park and gardens.

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